At the Threshold of an Era
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Tim- Gallen Lo
Yan- Kenix Kwok
Keung- Roger Kwok
Michael- Sunny Chan
Tina- Maggie Sui
Hang- Nicky Wu
Kan (Tim's dad)- Chow Chung
Lei (Hang's dad)- Chan Pui
Ping (Hing's mum)- Liza Wong
Leung (Hing's dad)- Kwok Fung
Mun (Tim's sister)- Grace Yip
Chan (Tim's mum)- CHeng Ho Wai
Joe- Ng Kei Lung
Barry- Wong Mun Tak
Lik-Louis Koo
Ling- Ada Choi


Michael came back to 'Lik Tin' but Tim still doesn't trust him and Keung tries to talk him out of it. soon later, Tim and Michael run into an argument and they start argueing about whose fault it was about the death of Keung's parents. Keung overhead this and becamse extremely upset and angry and he vowed to call the police and ran away. Michael chased after Keung and eventually Michael got on a car to chase after. He soon got the urge to kill Keung by running him over but soon changed his mind when he remembered the words of Tim; that he'd never forgive him if her did anything to Keung. Therefore Michale's car crashed onto a lamp post and it started a fire. Keung tried to decide whether to leave Michael to die or to rescue him but in the end decided to rescue him. After Michael was saved from the explosion of the car (caused by the fire), Michael mischieviously and cunningly opens his eyes then closes them when Keung tried to protect him from the fire.

Keung brings Michael back to the hospital after the explosion of his car and Michael was safely rescued. Keung decided not to tell the police about them killing his parents but swears to them that he doesn't want to see Michael or Tim ever again. Later on, Michael and Tim have arguments again (about loyalty) and in the end Michael wants to leave Lik Tin again, alongside with Keung (who doesnt want to see either of them again).

Both Michael and Keung resign from 'Lik Tin' leaving only Tim. Therefore Tim decides to also not work in 'Lik Tin' anymore (wants to help his father sell lunch food). This happened after Tim's family moved back to their old home (the one in the beginning of the first epidodes). However, Tim meets Joe and he later on changed his mind to co-operate with Joe to run 'Lik Tin'. Meanwhile Michael is now working for Hing's real father so now they work for opposing sides. Hing one day doesn't go back home and Barry becomes suspicious about her reason why she didn't come home. She said that she went to see an old friend from her old school and they got so into their talking that it was already sunrise before she realised. However Barry's father told him that in fact she went to see Tim and stayed with him in a park until sunrise. Therefore Barry got alittle worried and wanted to discuss about it with Hing. During his dinner with Hing, he had a sudden pain in his stomach and went to the doctors, finding that it was due to his infectionous intestine. The doctor said he needed and operation straight away. During the operation, Hing was in the hospital waiting and found out that the plane Tim was on which went to San Francisco had an accident and Hing got extremely scared and upset so she cried. However she learnt later that Tim didn't go on that flight so she stopped crying. Barry woke up after the operation finding her abit weary and saw her dried tears and thought that she was crying for himself. Thus he forgot about the whole event with Tim and Hing that night, and thought that Hing actually loved him the most.

A reporter (former classmate of Tim, Michael and Keung) kept bothering them about the fire incident that killed Keung's parents (he had to write an article about it even thought it happened a year before). They all wouldn't say anything but Keung got really mad at the reporter after reading the headlines of the magazine that said that Michael was the hero in the incident. The reporter started getting suspicious about who actually started the fire but the 3 still strongly remain neutral. One night, Sandy (Hing's friend) saw Barry in a bar with another woman so she went over to say hi. However Barry asked Sandy not to tell Hing that she saw him. Sandy did tell Hing in the end and she got really worried. Hing then wanted to discuss with Barry but later on Barry decided that he wanted to have a divorce because he found out that Hing that time during his operation was crying for Tim, and not himself thus he knew that Hing still liked Tim. He also said that he found out he liked his old girlfriend better (the other woman that night). Hing and Barry discussed about the divorce and Hing left the room upset and crying.

It turns out that Barry divorced Hing because he knew Hing still liked Tim so Barry used the his ex girlfriend as an excuse (he actually didn't have any affairs and he still liked Hing). The reporter also had just found the adress to another victim of the fire (a reporter- he was actually the objective of the fire). His mother showed the reporter the camera the man had with him during the fire and it still had a roll of film inside it. The reporter developed it and found that they were pictures of the whole situation when Michael was killing Keung's mother. THe reporter tried to threaten Michael to check if he was the real killer by asking to meet him to find out about what the 'anonymous threatener' knew. However, Michael found out that the reporter was following him and figured that he knew something so he killed him. However, he found that the reporter was actually going to meet Keung that night for a drink and he feared that Keung also knew about Keung's mother's murder. He went to the bar to meet him but Keung ended up leaving to find the reporter and see if he was at home. However her wasn't (the reporter was dead by then adn his body was hidden in some woods). Keung thought something was wrong so he broke through the doorway and found noone. However he glanced around the room finding that there was an article the reporter was writing (the negatives of the photos were there too)and it was about Michael killing Keung's mother. Keung got extremely mad and he called Tim, complaining to him that it was his fault. But Tim had no idea what Keung was talking about so Tim decided to go over to the reporters house to meet him. But Michael, who was following Keung, burst into the house trying to kill Keung and he saw that Keung really did know about the scenario thus he asked Keung for the negatives. Keung wouldn't budge so he knocked him unconscious and in the end found some negatives and burnt them to destroy the evidence. But Keung woke up during that and he actually hid the remaining negatives in a fish tank so he got it and took his car to escape. Mciahel found out and he chased him but Keung lost control of his car on the road and it crashed prducing a fire. Michael saw this, just took the negatives to burn and didn't bother saving Keung but TIm just arrives and seeing that, Michael leaves. Tim sees Keung in the car adn saves him before the car exploded. Keung told Tim about the whole thing whilst Michael went back home, lying that Keung and Tim in turn beat him (he says that the reporter made a fake picture of him killing Keung's mother and they believed the reporter thus resulting in the fight). Both Michael and Keung go to the hospital and the police tried to blame on Keung for everything (Michael was in the hospital first). Tim got so mad that he admitted that both himself and Michael started the fire so the police kept both of them for investigation and Michale as usual lied whilst Tim tried to convince the police that Michael was the bad guy.

Michael finally got released after the 48 hour investigation and Tim and Keung got really mad that he left innocently. Tim went to find Michael later, when Michael was with some reporters at the time. Tim attacked Michael and tried to spill out all Michael's bad deeds to the reporters however Tim the pushed Michael out onto the road and a truck ran over Michaels leg. Michael was immediately brought to the hospital and Michael then had to become a cripple for the rest of his life. The government decided to sue Tim for attacking Michael and Hing became Tim's lawyer whilst Barry became Michael's lawyer. A big pause from the whole scenario then begins as Hing one day sees Janet (Barry's so-called new lover) with her fiance and not Barry. She finds out that Barry lied to her the whole time about dating Janet again. Barry told Hing that it was because he knew she still liked Tim thus he told her to go for it. HIng also asked Barry to help Tim in the trial but Barry said he can't because he says lwyers should help their clients only. The day of the trial finally came and even Keung went to see it (although he knew Tim didn't directly kill his parents but Keung was still alittle mad at Tim). Barry kind of helped Tim abit by saying to the judge that Tim didn't have the intent to kill Michael. However Tim sill lost but was only sent to jail for a few months because of Barry's words. Tim actually wanted to go to jail since he felt guilty about Keung's parents' deaths but Michael was extremely mad about that fact that Tim only stays in jail for a few months and he swears that he will one day break both of Tim's legs with his own hands.

Michael eventually left the hospital and went back to work to co-operate with Joe's brother. One day, Hing'mother and Joe's father (married now) went to Taiwan and was stopped in the Taiwan airport for bribery. Joes father didn't do it but it was actually Joe's brother who did it but purposely put the blame on him. During that period, Joe's family's caompany had a huge problem. They had a meeting about acompany they owned and whether they should sell it or not but the father (boss) wasn't there so Joe and his brothers had to decide according to which side owned more shares of the company. A few days before, Michael wanted more shares of the company so he asked Tina to help lie for buying shares with a false excuse. Tina agreed to help and asked Joe if she can get the shares and Joe agreed thinking nothing bad would happen. This meant that Michaels side would get 51% whilst Joe's side would get 49% of the company. Michael's side agreed to sell the company whilst the others didn't meaning that Michael's side won (51% of the company). Joe got upset and started thinking about Tina getting the shares. He called Tina to ask but she was asleep and her mum picked up the phone instead. Her mum told her how disastrous the news were and she quickly realised that Michael lied to her. She got mad and on the day of the company's 'celebration', Tina went to the party and got so mad that she slapped Michael. Joe saw that and he found out that she lied to him so he proposed to Tina that they shouldn't see each other anymore. The trial of Joe's father in Taiwan soon began too.

Michael found out that Joe's brother used his wife to seduce a man so that he could prospone the time needed for the payment of their debts. Michael got a detective to take pictures of her with the man. He showed the pictures to the wife and threatened that he'd tell unless the man shortened the payment time com. The man agreed and Joe's brother had to get money to pay the debt back thus he had to sell alot of the shares out to get cash. Michael spread some bad rumours about the company so that the price of the shares would fall, making it affordable for them to buy to become the majority of hte shareholder. This let him become the president of the company, taking over the authority of Joe's brother. Michael then fired Joe's brother to make his own brother the vice president and also told him about his wife's affair. They had a fight in the end and the wife left him.

Joe and Tina finally came back together again and started dating as they promised each other that nothing can break them up. Joe's mother tries to find some help and Tim goes to Taiwan with her to find a strong triad in Taiwan. They agree to help Joe's father get out of jail but request that Joe go to Taiwan to meet them personally within the next few days. Joe agrees to go and plans to go to Taiwan soon. One day, Michael get's sued by the ICAC for corruption and this lead Michael to suspect that Tim
told the ICAC in order to hurt him. His father saw Tim afterwards and wanted to kill him by stabbing him with a knife but a police officer came just in time and seeing the situation, he shot Michael's father and he died in hospital. Michael got even angrier and swore that he'll revenge for his dad.

Joe as agreed went to Taiwan along with Tina to give some money in order to get information for his father's case, so that his father weill be freed. Joe's stepmom then tries to give the other half of the money (Joe brings the other half too). His stepmom gives the money she has to the leader of the triad she has aked help for. However Michael, knowing that Joe's father is in trouble, asked another triad in Taiwan to seize more trouble by kidnapping Joe whilst Joe is on a ship giving the money. He also sent men to kill the triad leader that is helping Joe's stepmom thus leaving her shocked and scared. However the wife of the triad leader saw this and felt pity for her (although her husband died) and decided to give the information to her resulting in Joe's father setting free. However both Tina and Jo are kidnapped leaving the family extremely concerned. Michael suspects that Tim was definitely the one who told ICAC to investigate their company, leading a large loss of money for him thus he hired someone to kill Tim. The killer meets Michael in his office whilst Yan sees the man as a very strange 'client'. One day when Tim's family went out for some dimsum, Tim went to the toiletwhilst someone requested to talk to Tim on the phone. Seeing that Tim went to the toilet, Tim's brother answers the phone and Michael turned out to be on the line and thought he was Tim and said that he'd better 'be careful'. Just after that, the killer approaches him and thrashes him with his knife. Tim sees this and brings his brother to the hospital> The doctors say that his brother has to do a quick surgery to his heart and also said that his brother can't do aggressive sports anymore. yan finds out that Michael asked to kill Tim and gets extremely upset however she suddenly had to deliver the baby as it was due . Meanwhile Tim gets mad and knowing that Michael went to Taiwan, he quickly tries to get the airport to murder Michael but his car bumps onto the edge of a bridge and flies out into sea.

On the path to death, Tim realises that he cares most for Keung, Michael and their friendship. He quickly revives from the crash and saves himself from drowning in the sea. However Yan called Tim to the hospital after her delivery and told Tim that she was sorry for what Michael did to him and Keung. Tim said that he changed his mind and in fact wants to help Michael become a good person again, as it was his fault that Michael has become like this. he persuaded Yan not to leave Michael and she accepted only that she wanted Tim to keep her baby unti Michael becomes a good person, as she doesn't want her baby to think that its father is a bad person. Tim agrees to help. Yan lies and says her baby died and Michael knowing this flies back from Taiwan to HK and persuaded her to go to Taiwan with him to 'start all over again'. They quickly go back to Taiwan and Michael visits his brother, Lik (our LOUIS!!!!) at night whilst Lik competes with other motorists (gambling reasons). Lik respects Michael alot and even introduces him to his girlfriend, Ling (Ada Choi). michael invites Lik to work in his company in Taiwan but Lik kindly rejects as he says he likes his life the way it is right now. One night, Ling gets kidnapped to a bar as the boss said she owed him money and sleeping with him can cover up the debt. Ling says no and fights with the man and just in time, brave Lik coms in and saves Ling...(hero saves beauty!).

Lik saves Ling and later on gets tied up in a huge mess because he hurt a very strong gang leader and now to solve the conflict, Lik's boss intended to ask Lik to give $200,000 to the boss to apologize. Lik and Ling hide out in a shelter in the countryside. Michael tries to help Lik by finding his mother for Lik's location. Michael's mother explains that Lik is in fact the Hui family's 'ye jai'(she accidently had Lik with another man). Michael stil insists that he should help Lik by giving the $200,000 for him. Michael finds Lik and Ling's hideout place and offers to help Lik the next day to meet with the boss to give them the money. However Michael heard a rumour that Lik's boss was going to frame Lik solely so Lik will be given to the foe for punishment and also the money will be given too. Michael then goes to meet the enemies with Lik and discovers that the rumour is true thus they get into a fight. Lik and Michael won the fight but the leader escaped. Lik tried to run away from the whole thing but Michael said that they should finish what they've started thus Michael trapped the leader inside the lift and then Michael stabbed the leader leaving Lik in a shock. Michael then asked his men to cover up the whole scenario he and Lik caused. Michael also recieved $100,000,000 from the kidnap of Joe and Tina. He was ordered to 'finish them off' thus meanwhile in the Phillipines (where Joe and Tina were kept), the kidnappers grabbed Joe and tried to shoot him but just in time the police arrive and seeing the situation, Joe and Tina try to escape however the kidnappers catch up with them again and they all had a struggle and the kidnapper ended up shooting towards Joe and Tina's direction....
Meanwhile, Helen (Hing) went to visit Tim in Taiwan and to give Tim some documents. They ended up having to eat dinner & sing karaoke with Tim's clients. Michael and Yan bump into him in the restaurant but they ignore wach other. Helen gets drunk from the dinner and is sent back to her hotel by Tim. She kisses Tim and says that she still has feelings for him however Tim rejects her by saying that he feels that there are alot of other important things he cares more for. Helen the next day bumps sees Tim and Yan eating together (they were discussing about how Michael got so much money to buy land in order to go against Tim and the fact that he has $100 million more on his account for no special reason)and she thought that Tim still liked Yan, leading to her rejection. Thus Helen decided to go back to HK. Tina's nother then finds out that Joe and Tina were kidnapped and asks Michael for help. Tina's mother accidentally spills out that fact that Joe's family have given out $100 million to the kidnappers already. Yan then suspects that Michael has something to do with the kidnap as the extra $100 million may have come from the kidnap.

EPISODE 48 & 49
Tim wins the partnership on the huge land project in Taiwan leading Michael to be extremely mad. Tim in fact was doing this so that all that Michael achieved by his bad deeds will be gone thus hed change. He explained this to Yan but Yan being afraid that it won't work, was afraid that Michael would in fact ask someone ot kill Tim. Meanwhile, Michael really asked someone to kill Tim. Helen and Keung found out this and tried to stop both of them from fighting. Meanwhile Joe's brother, seeing that there was progress of the police investigation on Joe's kidnap, was extremely concerned and ordered someone to kill Michael to 'destroy evidence'. This lead to a stuggle between the gangsters and Michael. Lik was then accused of creating this mess (his mother thought that Lik had a conflict with the triads again). Lik saw that there was something wrong and when he let ot find Michael, he saw him struggling so Lik helped fight him out into safety. Michael got hurt but told Lik that one day if he died, it would definitely be Tim's fault and told him to revenge on him. Lik agreed. Michael then went home to find Yan only to find that she wasn't there and Keung was instead. Keung agreed that he'd forgive him if his hatred to Tim vanishes. Michael rejected him when Yan called to meet him, and said that Keung wouldn't understand. He pushed Keung to the floor and he became unconscious. Michael went to meet Yan and she admitted that she knew all the bad deeds he had done and said that she'd stay with him if he changed or else she'd leave him. Michael still didn't budge so Yan left him. Meanwhile Tim was supposed to meet Yan in a restuarant to see what Michael's response was to all the mayhem. Helen found Tim in the restuarant and warned him to leave as Michael asked a killer to murder him. Tim said no and said that he trusted Michael that he wouldn't. Meanwhile as the killer was going to go into the restuarant to kill Tim, Michael called Tim to say that he will change because he wants Yan to stay with him. Michael then rang up the killer and told him not to kill Tim. Yan, Helen and Tim were really happy and Yan even planned to have their baby back. However the good parts end as Joe's brother's killer pushed Michael off a cliff (after the ohne conversation with Tim about changing) and Michael dies. Keung wakes up and becomes scared that Tim will be killed so he drives to find then, and passes the spot where Michael dies and sees him. Then everyone dinds out and they all become extremely shocked and sad. Then the police suspect that Yan murdered Michael and they arrest her.

EPISODE 50 (episode ending until the pause finishes)

Yan is suspected of murder however she remembers that the Taxidriver who drived her home, saw Michael alive. Thus he could become a witness. However the driver lied (someone bribed him) and said that he never saw Michael thus Yan was charged with murder and was charged with murder and sentenced to death penalty in Taiwan. Tim become extremely provoked and he kept complaining and tried to help Yan. He wanted to make the taxi driver say the truth however they found that the taxi driver died due to a robbery. Tim began trying to help Yan instead of taking care of Lik Tin company. Meanwhile, Helen's step-father kept seeking for Joe, who was still kidnapped and unfound. The police still couldn't find him and they all began thinking that Joe died already. Then Joe's older brother (the one who organised Joe's kidnap)got a call from his helpers and found out that Joe isn't dead yet.Yan had an appeal but she didn't succeed. She got very depressed and after she saw a roomate leave, to get the death sentence one day, she got really scared and she committed suicide but was rescued in time thus she didn't die. Tim tried to comfort her in the hospital and told her not to give up and have hope for a miracle. But Yan said she hopes to have freedom for the sake of her baby. Tim hearing this promised her that he'd make her wish come true. Then Tim then went to find Yan's roomate's (another one) husband so they can organize a plan for Yan and her roomate to escape from prison. He kept that a secret from Keung and Helen though. Helen got a call from a man claiming he got evidence on Yan not being hte murderer. Therefore Helen went to see the man and the man turned out to have the forensics report on Michael's autopsy. It said that Michael died not from stabbing but from allergy to a medicine (medicine that Keung gave to Michael after he was found in his house full of slashes and cuts from the attack, when Michael was still a bad person). It is found that the report was not shown to the police as someone wanted Yan killed (Joe's brother, to get rid of evidence of Michael's murder). Helen agreed to buy the report for $ 30 million. Meanwhile, Yan began the escape plan and she began running away with her roommate. She saw Tim and her baby and started running towards them however the guards saw her, shot her and she collapsed.

* For the rest of the story, wait till the drama begins again them you'll know........

Yan asks Tim to tak care of her baby after she dies and Tim agrees. Later he body was taken to the hospital for testing and Keung questioned Tim about why he made Yan escape instead of waiting for evidence. Keung becomes mad at Tim as he thinks that both Yan and Michael died because of him. However Helen reminded Keung that it was Keung, who gave Michael the medicine that was the actual cause of his death. Tim finally finds out that Helen tried to call him (she says a man wants money in exchange for evidence of who killed Michael) and he lures the man out and finds that Jason (Joe's brother) tried to kill Michael (althought Michael died himself)and also made up fake evidence to frame Yan for the murder. However when Tim tried to get the man to testify in court to sue Jason, the man runs away and crashes into a truck. The man dies in the explosion caused.

Helen and Tim discussed about the Jason and Tim swore that he'd kill him. Keung overheard their conversation and tried to kill Jason whilst Tim was going to do the same thing. However Tim was arrested (with witnesses)and Keung fell off the building and got unconscious during the whole fight. Tim gets sued by Jason's family about attacking him. Jason seeing his secret is getting exposed, frames Tim for the kidnap of Joe and also finds someone to kill his Jason's other brother (so the whole company can be run by himself) however the police saves the brother and he only gets injured abit. Jason's father believes Jason about what Tim has done. Tim cheated some money from Joe's father's family for his company hence seeing that Tim was the troublemaker, Jason's father decides to sue him for that however after Tim's father (Joe's father's brother) persuades him, he lets Tim off. Tim becomes mad and he conspires with Joe's other brother (not Jason) in order to help revenge for Yan and Michael.

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