At the Threshold of an Era (Louis will come after the 50th episode)
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Welcome to the TVB series page where Louis's newest dramas will be introduced and each new episode will be reviewed each and every day.....
Sunny Chan- Michael (ah Bui)
Gallen Lo- Tim
Roger Kwok- Keung
Kenix Kwok- Yan
Flora Chan- Hing
Maggie Sui- Wai
Ada Choi- Ning
Nicky Wu- Hang
Chow Chung- Kan (Tim's dad)
Chan Pui- Lei (Hang's dad)
Liza Wong- Ping (Hing's mum)
Kwok Fung- Leung (Hing's dad)
Grace Yip- Mun (Tim's sister)
Cheng Ho Wai- Chan (Tim's mum)

Michael pushed the man he asked to set fire to the building (building where Lei's news was published and Michael and Tim wanted to make the news 'big' so Michael asked a man to set fire to the building) down the lift shaft. Keung's mum saw Michael and attempted to escape but Michael used a metal bat and hit his mother till she was unconscious and he then pushed her down the lift shaft too. Keung's dad was uconscious from the smoke and as Michael tried to kill him too, the firement arrived in time so instead Michael pretended that he had saved him. However after reaching to the hospital Keung's father died too. Keung was left very upset and depressed whilst Tim felt guilty as ever. Keung kept noticing that the media was suspecting that Lei had something to do with the case, although Lei denied and was eliminated as a suspect from the police. Keung got extremely upset. During Hing's marriage with 'Wong Mun Tak'( the party), Keung stormed in and started attacking Lei with a knive whilst Michael and Tim, who found out and followed him, tried stopping him.

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